New Website Won’t Help You Learn How To Get Skinny In A Month But It Has Good Information

When I started on my low carb lifestyle, based on eating no carb foods at every meal, it was really had to find good information. For every fact I thought I learned, there was someone else (often times several people) saying the exact opposite. It is really difficult to know who to trust and who to listen to. I have found people who have lived what they preach are the ones who provide the best tips for me.

When I learn of a new website with good information I like to share it with others. One site that you really need to check out is The Skinny School by a guy named Court Tuttle. Court is an accomplished businessman and also a self proclaimed fitness nut. ( I mean nut in a very good way). Court is one of the few people who consistently tell it like it is and who does not fall into the “hype game” that so many so called “gurus” follow. His information is always based on facts and most of it comes from testing that he does on his own. If Court says something you can take it to the bank.

This new site of his is dedicated to providing the truth about what it takes to lose weight and get healthy. He doesn’t follow the newest gimmick just because everyone else does. Instead, he spends time researching ideas and then testing those ideas on himself. Only when he is sure that what he says is true will he post it on a site.

If you are looking for another resource in your quest for a healthy lifestyle then you really should click on the link for The Skinny School that I provided above. When you get there, bookmark the site so you can check out all the new information he provides. Court is committed to publishing at least one article on most days so there is always fresh tips for you to profit from.

For starters, you may want to check out his post Foods That Make Us Fat. It fits in perfectly with the ideas I try to promote such as limiting sugar and starches and eating more proteins and fats.

With all the biased information being published about how to get healthy it is great to find resources you can trust. Court’s blog is definitely one to follow.

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